Fearless mastery








Fearless Mastery, a small group coaching and mastermind program, offers more than information and answers—it provides crucial support for a deeper journey.

Led by Leo Babauta and his team, the program emphasizes transformative collective participation. Structured with weekly calls, group sessions, monthly workshops, and personalized 1-on-1 deep dives, it creates an empowering environment for those navigating Fearless Mastery.

One aspect of this program is a multi-day retreat built in where participants are invited to go deeper. My goal was to document the essence of this experience, while bringing a sense of awareness and distance to allow the participants space to focus on their work.

“One of the challenging parts about this project is being able to capture the essence of what's happening, while being respectful of the people who are participating. Being present for the moments that will best tell the story.”

(Josh Woll)

Having actively participated in self-improvement workshops, I've experienced the profound sense of achievement that arises when a collective effort is made towards a common goal. Drawing from my involvement as a participant, I have a keen grasp of the workshop's dynamics, allowing me to navigate its ebb and flow seamlessly.

With a background rich in documentary work, I've honed the skill of navigating spaces discreetly. My objective is to remain unobtrusive, allowing the focus to stay on the transformative journey of the participants.

Employing my experience, I strategically move within the room, utilizing zoom lenses to capture authentic moments and expressions as they unfold naturally.

In this environment of deep, transformative exploration, individuals willingly embrace uncertainty for personal growth. The opportunity to contribute my expertise to tell this profound story is not just a task; it's an honor.


CLIENT: Zenhabits + Leo Babauta

AGENCY: JW Motion + Stills Inc.